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How King Kong, Godzilla and Nessie Came to Live With Me

  UPDATE: Mystery solved! Because there was no note with the package, I assumed it had come from Duncan Shotton, but he tweeted to say that’s not the case. This actually makes me feel a lot better because I wondered how in the heck he’d gotten my home address!

Self-Editing for Indie Authors is Now Available

  Back in December, I wrote a post about my plan to publish a book. Well, the post was actually about conquering my fears in order to be able to publish a book. I did it. It took me about seven months longer than I originally planned, because of work and things going on, and […]

Three Business Books You Need on Your Shelf

  This post originally appeared on the now-defunct ISOOSI blog. It has been edited and updated for republishing.   How many self-respecting marketers or entrepreneurs don’t have at least one bookshelf full of business books? Few, I’d wager. Not all of them are worth the paper they’re printed on, but every once in a while, […]

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