Saying No To Work

Terceira Island AzoresThere’s an island in the Azores waiting for me. I know most people dream of retiring to, or at least vacationing on islands in the Caribbean, or maybe Hawaii. Not me. In my dream, I have a house on Terceira, the third largest island in the Azores archipelago (hence, the name), up on a hill, overlooking pastures on one side, and the ocean on the other. It’d be great to win the lottery, pack up and move, and say no to work forever.

That would be a greater probability if I actually played the lottery. But that’s not the kind of saying no I’m talking about. I recently had to turn down a job offered by a regular—and really good—client. It wasn’t because I was too busy. It was a matter of principle, and that made it a little frightening.

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