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Self-Editing for Indie Authors

21 Quick and Easy Tips
Better Writing, Positive Reviews and More Sales

Self-Editing for Indie Authors

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So you’ve written a book. Congratulations! Now you’re ready to self publish.

Or are you?

  • Is your book free of typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors?
  • Do you have a bunch of misplaced modifiers wreaking havoc on your prose?
  • Are all your subjects agreeing with their verbs?
  • Is faulty parallelism wrecking your sentence structure?
  • Did you use compliment when you meant complement?

If your book is suffering from any of these errors, what’s going to happen when people start reviewing it?

As an indie author, you rely on reviews to help boost your book’s momentum, and encourage sales. If half your reviews are accounts of errors and stumbling blocks that ruined the reading experience, you’re going to sell fewer books.

The worst part is, those errors are completely avoidable.

If you’re starting out as an indie author, you may not yet be able to afford a professional editor. Most entrepreneurs start out that way—on a shoestring budget, and doing as much of the work themselves as possible. Often, it’s out of necessity, or maybe they just have that DIY spirit.

But let’s be honest—not every writer is an editor. That’s where this book comes in.

Self-Editing for Indie Authors contains 21 quick and easy tips to help you edit your work, and publish a better book. Better content leads to positive reviews. And those positive reviews lead to more sales.

Don’t let your great storytelling be overshadowed by poor spelling and bad grammar. Follow the 21 tips, and the self-editing instructions in this book, and you’ll be on your way to better writing, positive reviews, and more sales!

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What do you get in this book? I’m glad you asked!

You’ll learn:

  • how self-editing can save you money now and later on.
  • why it’s essential to see yourself not just as an indie author, but as an entrepreneur.
  • how to combine self-editing with professional editing for excellent results.
  • how to apply editing to dialogue.
  • how to determine which pronouns to use with prepositions.
  • how to determine which articles to use with acronyms and initialisms.
  • how and when to use apostrophes—and when not to.
  • why showing is better than telling, and how to do it well.
  • self-editing methods that increase your probability of success.
  • how to tell a good editor from a bad one. (if you decide to go the professional editing route)
  • some of the best self-editing websites and books

…and much more!

Put my decades of editing experience to work for you. Buy Self-Editing for Indie Authors today, and put yourself on the path to self-publishing success!

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