Editorial Services

Whether you need help improving your existing content, or want to learn how to create content that performs, I offer these editorial services to help you build your brand and strengthen your business.

Content Editing

Poorly structured, unoptimized content isn’t doing your website any favors. And yes, spelling and grammar matter, not just to your customers, but to your website’s performance in the search engines.

When I edit content, I take all of those things into account to leave you with improved content that will do its job.

Content Training

Is your content team fully aware of the SEO best practices that can take your content from simple words on the page to a high-performing tool that helps your site rank, brings in more traffic, and increases your revenue potential?

I can train you and your team how to create and structure content that accomplishes those goals.

Already know exactly what you need? Great! Get in touch and let’s discuss it.