Content Editing

Every word on your website must serve a purpose, whether it’s to inform, educate, entertain, convert, or some combination thereof.

If your content isn’t doing its job, you could be missing out on rankings, traffic, customers and what they’re all meant to lead to—revenue.

Content Optimization

This lies at the heart of digital content editing—optimizing content to perform in search.

Your website content is much more than just words on a page. Those words have power when they’re well placed, well used, and align with what your potential visitors are searching for.

Optimization also extends to the content you can’t readily see on the published page. The title tag. The meta description. The way links are structured, where they go, and how they work.

Content published on a website but not optimized may as well be published in print for all the good it’ll do your site and your business. I can help you change that.

Text Editing

Do spelling and grammar really matter in this age of txt spk? Yes! More than ever.

While it’s true that Google doesn’t use spelling and grammar as direct ranking signals, a correlation between reputable, high-performing sites and grammatically correct text has been demonstrated. More recently, it’s been mentioned as a necessity.

And just because it’s not a ranking signal now doesn’t mean Google won’t make it one in the future.

But more than their ability to influence ranking, good spelling and grammar are important to demonstrating your authority, and to building trust with your visitors and customers.

If you don’t take the time to make sure your content reads well, how can your customers trust that the product or service you’re providing them is worth the cost?

At the same time I edit content for optimization and performance, I also make grammar and spelling corrections so your content is of high quality in both areas.

Improve Your Content and Boost Your Business

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