Content Training

Customers need to be able to find you online among a sea of competitors. And once you have them on your site, you need them to convert, whether that means buying a product, signing up for a service, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Your website’s content can be a powerful tool to help you stand out among the crowd, which can help you bring in more traffic, and, potentially, more customers. You could contract a team of writers to create this high-performing content for you.

Or you could save some money by learning to do it yourself.

Individual Training

You know your content is supposed to be optimized, which apparently means it’ll do some sort of magic to bring in visitors and potential customers. But you haven’t quite gotten the hang of that content optimization thing.

You’ve been too busy running your business to stop and learn a whole new skillset. But you know the longer you wait, the further ahead your competitors get.

Stop worrying! You’ve found the solution.

I can walk you through the basic foundation of SEO best practices, specifically as they apply to content, and show you how just a few changes to the way you create and publish pages, posts and articles on your site can lead to better performance in the search engines.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to take control of your content and bend it to your will like never before.

Group Training

Everyone on your content team needs to be on the same page (pun fully intended) for your content to be built consistently and efficiently.

From your writers to your copyeditors, your graphic and web designers, and even your marketing and social media managers, the more everyone understands about publishing effective web content, the more successful their efforts will be.

Providing your employees—and even contractors—with the tools to do their jobs also makes them more confident and builds team cohesiveness, two factors crucial to the success of your business.

I’ll build a training program unique to your team’s needs, and help put them on the path to publishing superior content that will get results.

Online or On-site

Where your training takes place is up to you.

We can do one-on-one training via conference call and screen sharing, or I can create a webinar for your team. Once training is complete, I’ll provide you with a recording you can refer back to anytime for a refresher.

I’m also happy to provide training on-site, if you prefer. I’ll be there to instruct you and your team, and answer any questions. Afterward, you’ll receive a copy of the training materials for future reference.

Training Packages

I don’t offer any sort of set training packages. Why? Because every site is different, as is every business. You need customized training that will help you, not a boilerplate you’re supposed to hack to meet your needs.

Whether it’s individual or group training, the first step will be for us to discuss your specific needs. Using that information, I’ll create a customized curriculum that will both cover the basics and address your goals.

No two training sessions are ever alike, and that’s a good thing.

Learn New Skills and Make Your Business More Competitive

Are you ready to learn how to build content that works for you instead of against you? Get in touch and let’s discuss it.

Don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to optimize your existing content yourself? I can do it for you through my content editing service.