Writing Portfolio

I’ve written thousands of pages of content—blog posts, services pages, product descriptions, you name it—throughout my career, both as a freelancer and a full-time employee. I’ve also written for numerous writing, editing, marketing and marketing news websites. This is just a small sample of my work.

You Know More About SEO Than You Think You Do | ACES: The Society for Editing

You already know how to link your content, whether externally (to other sites) or internally (within your own site). But are you getting the fullest benefit from those links?

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective Landing Pages | Buffer Blog

Effective landing pages focus on the specific purpose of making a visitor act. Here’s how to make the most of one.

Is it Time to Upgrade From Freelance Writer to LLC? | SuccessWorks

Freelancer-turned-LLC-owner Michelle Lowery explains the benefits of upgrading your freelance writing business to a limited liability company.

How to Get Your First Client | Search Engine Journal

A business isn’t a business without clients. You know you need them, but how do you get them? More important, how do you get the first one? Learn how here.

Content Marketing: Everything Old is New Again | Bruce Clay

Marketing tactics come and go in cycles, and content marketing is not new. Find out how cookbooks were among the first content marketing products.

Military Hospitals, Domino’s Pizza, and Mobile Marketing | Authority Labs

It’s true everything should be mobile. But not to the exclusion of those without smartphones. Follow the example Domino’s set at a military hospital.

Leading With a Killer Lede | 3Q Digital

After the headline, the next opportunity to get your reader’s attention is the lede. If it’s not an attention grabber, you could be losing readers before they even get past that opening sentence.

Use Content to Boost Your PPC ROI | 3Q Digital

What can content do for you if it supported your PPC campaigns? Increase branding, improve ROI, and more. Learn how.

Quality Over Clickbait: Standing Out on the Web | Authority Labs

This post didn’t use an Upworthy-like clickbait headline. You won’t believe what happens once you read it! Learn how to be heard without hyperbole.

Writing for Your Audience Means Including Search Engines | Authority Labs

Are you considering your audience when you create content? Your whole audience? If you’re not writing for search engines, you’re not writing Web copy.

How JetBlue Could be Doing Content Marketing Better | Search Engine Journal

JetBlue tried their hand at content marketing, and ended up with just another ad. Learn what they could have done better, and how to avoid their mistakes

Should Marketers Learn to Code in 2014? | Authority Labs

Coding can be a valuable skill, allowing you to expand the services you offer to clients. But is it worth the time and trouble for marketers? It depends.

Industry Disruption and the Productive Malcontent | Authority Labs

Want to disrupt your industry? You need a productive malcontent on your team. Learn how they can help make your business a success.

How to Write Evergreen Content | CopyPress

Writing evergreen content can be considered on a more granular level, using a few tactics that seem like common sense, but are really easy to overlook.

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