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“I contracted Michelle to support my team during the content development and SEO optimization phases of our website redesign. In just two email threads, Michelle was able to capture exactly what the needs were and how to address them quickly and effectively. She developed a very thorough eight-hour training to share with us the latest ethical SEO strategies, as well as critical guidance on content creation.

Working with Michelle is a treat. She is diligent, quick to understand the needs, and she provides proven, hands-on expertise. She has the ability to break down a very complicated, sometimes obscure subject, and present it in a digestible form to her audience. Her approach to SEO and content strategies is genuine and refreshing.”

Stephanie McClintock
VP, Marketing and Communications
Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.

“I worked with Michelle for over three years, which is ages on the Internet, and for good reason. We started working together because I was instantly impressed with her vast knowledge of writing and editing for SEO. But more importantly, she had great taste.

She’s funny, personable, and smart as all get out. Not only that, she’s a straight-up boss.

More often than not, I just asked her what to do since she always had the answers. Whether it be on writing, SEO, or business ethics, she knows EVERYTHING. And if she doesn’t, she researches which is another brilliant skill of Michelle’s.

Working with Michelle was an honor and a privilege. And I’m sure everyone she’s worked with before and after me will agree.”
Matt Giovanisci
Entrepreneur, Instructor and Podcast Host

“I’ve worked with Michelle on a few projects and am impressed with her organization, passion, and creativity. I love referring business to her because I look like a hero for making the connection. She’s fair, direct, and talented.

If you’re on the fence about partnering with Michelle, don’t waffle too long. In an industry of pomp and fluff, professionals like her don’t hold open schedules for long.”

Stefan Winkler
VP, Marketing and Operations
Earned Traffic

“Without Michelle, I know for a fact that my novels wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as they are, thanks to her deft touch and thoughtful suggestions.

She’s able to improve my books from the plot- and character-level right down to sharpening up individual sentences.

She’s a real pleasure to work with, and I regard her as a friend as well as a damn fine editor.”
Andy Maslen

“Michelle is a unique breed who excels at content creation and optimization, but also understands the fundamental mechanics and intended execution of content across multiple digital marketing channels, making her absolutely invaluable.

She did an amazing job with building out and managing the writing team efficiently, while increasing our production pipeline speed. She also managed to perfectly balance listening and mentoring with a “no BS” approach to getting work done.”
Selena Vidya
Orthris Media

“Michelle is hands down one of the best content creators in the industry. Her knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and the English language makes the content she creates amazing.

Apart from the many years of experience, and her content creation skills, she is amazing at leading a team, which was seen in her daily management of the production staff. She was involved in every single project and still found time to educate her team on a daily basis.”
Ryan Sammy
SEO Manager

“Michelle and I only worked together for a short time, but it did not take long for me to recognize what a valuable asset she was to our organization. She is a talented, detail-oriented writer who clearly understands her clients’ needs, as well as their target audience. I have contracted with content writers in a previous position, but the quality of Michelle’s content is unparalleled, and I feel sorry for any writers I may have to work with in the future because the bar has certainly been raised.

But, Michelle isn’t just an excellent writer. She is a fantastic teacher, and she has helped me greatly improve my own writing. The passion she brings as an instructor is undeniable, and her knowledge of the English language (and other languages) is impressive.”
Emily Cote
VP, Communications and Engagement
New York Council of Nonprofits

“Michelle is the consummate professional. Very organized, highly efficient, great communication skills and consistently ahead of timelines. She built our content marketing program from the bottom up including setup of our internal CRM, recruitment and management of writers, ideation, editing, and client management.

Tremendously resourceful, Michelle always found a way to get it done, and was a key connector in finding additional resources as the organization had a need. On top of all of that, she was an absolute joy to work with.”
David Bayer
David Bayer Businesses

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